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Port Wine Messias - Tawny



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Port Wine Messias - Tawny

PartNo: MESS00029

EAN Barcode: 5601292171024

Area: Beverages

Sub-Areas: Generous Wines

Brand: Caves Messias

Region: Douro

Classification: Tawny Port

Type: Alcoholic Beverage

Protected Geographical Status (PGS): D.O.C.

Capacity: 0.75 L

Conservation: Stored in a cool, dry place, with minimal light.

Alcohol Volume: 19,6% vol.

Caste: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Cão, Barroca

Winemaking Process:

Fermentation with partial de stemming at a controlled temperature (24-28ºC).

Fermentation interrupted by the add of brandy.

Maturation in wooden casks till bottling.

Tasting Notes:

Sweet tawny Port. Aroma to red fruits jam, combined with slight wood with vanilla hints.

What is a "Porto Tawny"?

Obtained by the blending of wines with a different degree of maturation, carried out through the ageing in barrels or bulks.

The colour of these wines shows a certain evolution, then we must aggregate them in the sub classes of ?red tawny?, ?tawny? or ?pale tawny?. The aromas call up to dry fruits and wood; the older the wine more these characteristics are evident.

The available categories are: Tawny, Tawny Reserve, Tawny with indication of age ( 10, 20, 30 or 40 years) and Date of Harvest.

They are blended wines of different vintages, except the Date of Harvest, similar to the Tawny with indication of age with the same time of ageing. They are ready to drink when of bottling.

The Tawny with indication of age and the Date of Harvest are recommended.

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