Port Wine Messias - White Dry
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Port Wine Messias - White Dry


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Port Wine Messias - White Dry

PartNo: MESS00035

EAN Barcode: 5601292171079

Area: Beverages

Sub-Areas: Generous Wines

Brand: Caves Messias

Region: Douro

Classification: White Port

Type: Alcoholic Beverage

Protected Geographical Status (PGS): D.O.C.

Capacity: 0.75 L

Conservation: Stored in a cool, dry place, with minimal light.

Alcohol Volume: 19,5% vol.

Caste: Malvasia Fina, Rabigato, Códega

Winemaking Process:

Pelicular maceration; fermentation at a controlled temperature (18-20ºC). Fermentation interrupted by the add of brandy.

Tasting Notes:

Golden dry White; delicate wood with notes of dry fruits, prevailling pinnion and a slight resin.

What is a "Porto white dry"?

The dry white Port, it is a slight drier variety in the category of the whites, resulting of the process of vinification.

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