Olive Oil Extra-Virgin Val D´Ondel (0,75L)
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Olive Oil Extra-Virgin Val D´Ondel (0,75L)



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Weight (Kg): 0.75

Olive Oil Extra-Virgin Val D´Ondel (0,75L)

Organic food

PartNo: VIAZ00002

Area: Seasoning

Sub-Areas: Olive Oil

Brand: Viaz

Region: Tr?s os Montes

Protected Geographical Status (PGS): P.D.O.

Classification: Olive Oil Extra-Virgin

Production: Organic farming

Type: Vegetable

Capacity: 0,75L

Conservation: Dry places. Protect from sun.

Acidity: 0,4% vol.

Caste: Cobrançosa, Verdeal, Madural

Taste and flavour:

Superior category organic olive oil, with a distinct colour, unique flavour, fresh tasting fruit and fabulous spicy bittersweet notes, sometimes with an almond bouquet.


2002/2003 Harvest obtained 1st place on a national tasting contest in May 2003.

2005 June Selected by Harrods (London) to participate on campaign of portuguese products.

2006 Select for best olive oil's in the world guide ?L´Extravergine 2006? by Marco Oreggia.


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