Olive Oil Extra-Virgin ae (5L)
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Olive Oil Extra-Virgin ae (5L)


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Olive Oil Extra-Virgin ae (5L)

PartNo: ESCA00003

Area: Seasoning

Sub-Areas: Olive Oil

Brand: Escalabitano

Region: Ribatejo

Protected Geographical Status (PGS): P.D.O.

Classification: Olive Oil Extra-Virgin

Type: Vegetable

Capacity: 5L

Conservation: Dry places. Protect from sun.

Acidity: 0,2% vol.

Caste: Galega, Cobrançosa


This prime extra virgin olive oil is produced from 'galega' and 'cobrançosa' olives grown in the region of Bairro, in Santarém, in an area that enjoys a mild, typically mediterranean climate. This is a slightly fruity olive oil, made with ripe olives, boasting subtle hints of apple and green tomato, and the almost imperceptible hint of olive leaf and cabbage.

This is a light and mildly sweet olive oil.

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