Delta Selection Ouro Natural Grain (1Kg)
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Delta Selection Ouro Natural Grain (1Kg)



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Delta Selection Ouro Natural Grain (1Kg)

PartNo: DC00003

Area: Beverages

Sub-Areas: Coffee

Brand: Delta Cafes

Type: Non-alcoholic Beverage

Conservation: Stored in a dry place.

Caste: Arabicas (from the Americas and African Robusta Region)


The result of rigorous selection and a combination of the best Arabica and Robusta coffee regions, Ouro offers you the purity of a coffee with body and strength, excellent aroma and a smooth lasting taste of mature fruit. The magic of a great coffee, ready to enjoy at any moment and for all occasions.

Sensory Analysis

Aroma: 4 of 5.

Body: 4 of 5.

Acidity: 3 of 5.

Balance: 4 of 5.

Mode of use and Storage

Preferably place mineral water in your machine.

Check that the machine or filter holder is nice and hot.

Scald the cup.

Put +- 6gr of coffee per cup.

Help Desk

+351 965 568584

+351 913 163831