Aliança XO 40 Years 700 ml
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Aliança XO 40 Years 700 ml



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Aliança XO 40 Years 700 ml

PartNo: ALIANC00034

Area: Beverages

Sub-Areas: Brandy Spirits

Brand: Aliança

Classification: Brandy Spirits

Type: Alcoholic Beverage

Protected Geographical Status (PGS): D.O.C.

Capacity: 0.7L

Conservation: Stored in a cool, dry place, with minimal light.

Alcohol Volume: 40% vol.

Vintage: 1963

Winemaking Process

Aging: 40 years in portuguese, french and american oak barrels. The Brandy Aliança XO 40 Anos (years), was distilled in 1963 by 'charentais' method (2 distilleries) and aged more 40 years in french, american and portuguese oak barrels.

Sensory Analysis

Color: Amber

Flavour: Note of nuts and elegant tannins. Rich, fruity and velvety taste.


The storage or keeping conditions of the brandy are very important if we want to preserve the wine's characteristics and guarantee a regular evolution for a long time. The storage place should guarantee:

- temperature around 10º-12º;

- some ventilation to avoid fungus proliferation;

- absence of oscillations and vibrations;

- absence of unpleasant odors;

- bottles should be away from light;

- relative humidity should be high.

Serving Suggestion

Ideal temperature: 20ºC.

Ideal to go along with a good cigar :)

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